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In a pinch for some entertainment? Try some of these skits. Print them out and hand 'em around.


PROPS: Cardboard Box big enough for a teen to hide in. Dime. Dollar. Rubber Ball. Basketball. Dust broom. Full broom. Bucket of water. Teen is hiding in the cardboard box, throwing out the props.
Announcer: Hello, this is Stanley Harrington with Eyewitness News 7. With me is the creator Herman Von Tinker with his new machine. Professor, can you tell me what you call this contraption?
Prof: Certainly. This is my Ten Times Bigger Machine.
Anncr: So what does it do?
Prof: It makes things ten times bigger, stupid.
Anncr: (Ahem) Oh. Could we see a demonstration?
Prof. Certainly. You see this dime? (He drops it in top slot. Machine hums and whirs, out comes a dollar.) You see? Ten times bigger.
Anncr: Oh. Well, let's try something else. How about this rubber ball?
Prof: Certainly. (Drops it in. Hum, whir, out comes a basketball) Ten times bigger.
Anncr: I'm still skeptical. How about that dust broom?
Prof: Certainly. (Drops it in. Hum, whir, out comes full-size broom.)
Anncr: This is a fake! You are a fraud! I'm disgusted with this machine! (He spits into the machine. Hum Whir, and a bucket of water hits him in the face.)
Prof: You see? Ten times bigger!


This skit is great if it is all local other words, it has to be about your church staff and friends so that everybody gets the inside jokes. We've made it so it is about our church but you can change it around to look like your own church people!
Props: Whatever the teens need to wear to look like adult staff.
Fellow with notepad walks to edge of stage: Here I am a reporter for the Arizona Republic, and I cant even get a story. Well, I've had it. I'm going to jump off this bridge. 1...2...3...
"PASTOR BRAD": (Actually a teen made up to look like me) WAIT! STOP! What are you doing?
REPORTER: Well, I'm a reporter who can't get a story, so I'm gonna jump off this bridge.
PB: Well, can I jump with you? You see, I'm Pastor Brad of Heart to Heart Bible Church and I've had it with my teens. They always arrive on time for the services, they never leave a mess on the bus, and besides, if I eat at another McDonald's I'll kill someone. Let's jump together!
Reporter: OK. 1....2....3...
"MARY": WAIT! WAIT! STOP! What on earth are you doing?
REPORTER: I'm a reporter that cant get a story.
PB: I'm a home school parent whose kids are too neat and clean.
MARY: Could I jump with you? Im the music director of the teen group. The song sheets are all paper airplanes and I've had it with the boys singing falsetto! Can I jump with you?
REPORTER: Sure. 1...2...3...
This skit continues on in this fashion. Your teens are dressed up like staff members or other teens who could take the ribbing. The jokes are obviously "inside" jokes...for instance, my kids have a habit of leaving the church bus dirty, so the sarcasm is noted. Pick about five people total until it comes to this conclusion...
REPORTER: Okay, then, we're all agreed? We will all jump together!
REST OF THE GROUP: OK. 1...2...3..(they all jump off the stage into the "water")
REPORTER: What a story! Five people jump off a bridge! I've got to get to work! (He gleefully runs of the stage.)

We had a segment of our meeting where teens could do a skit on the Rapture. We gave them ten minutes' preparation time. They were given various scenes in which they could add drama: a news TV station discussing the occurring events, a radio station who lost a minister during a morning drive-time interview due to the Rapture, a debate among politicians about what has been going on, "live" street interviews, etc.
The skits provided some thoughtful insight as to people's probable reactions and gave a deeper seriousness to the following study.


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