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These are links that I PERSONALLY recommend. I don't slap up an agreement with somebody or a trade. I really believe in these organizations/ministries.

Search the Bible
Use the:

HERE'S A GREAT YOUTH WORKER'S FRIEND! Click here to get a web page that will be a quick Bible reference tool.

I think it's a shame that Christian history is getting erased, and so I'm going to add links of church history and Christian heritage whenever I can. You'll find a lot of fascinating facts about early church history that would be great for teens to hear in illustrations or challenges. Here's a good link to Kansas church history.

Click here to learn of Kansas church history

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EVERY DAY LIGHT devotional page

Click here to go directly to the EVERY DAY LIGHT devotional page.

Here is a personal favorite of mine. Selwyn Hughes writes gripping to-the-heart devotions that will hit home with every youth worker. Strong Bible messages are linked with passages for your daily reading.

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Bible Study Links

Crosswalk has made a Bible Study Tool that should be on every youth worker's computer. This "search" lets you choose your translation. It'll speed up your study time appreciatively!

Click here to go see the Bible Study Tool.

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You've probably seen this game before. Read through it and use it for an opening icebreaker for a banquet or an indoor activity!

Click here to enter CAPTAIN CLUELESS' trivia game page.

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The LIGHTNING LIBRARY daily content page.

The LIGHTNING LIBRARY contains a daily devotional for your teen. It's still being built but you can see that the material will be fresh every weekday!

Click here to go to the LIGHTNING LIBRARY site.

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The WILDS Christian Camp and Conference Center

In twenty years of ministry, I have never seen a camp with such dedicated counselors, Bible-based teaching, incredible group games and activities, and funnier skits. This camp has the bet price in the country, and your teens will come back CHANGED. Contact them and ask for literature. They're based in Rosman, North Carolina. Tell them Brad Zockoll sent you!

Click here to visit the WILDS campsite!

If you have a link that I should check out, please contact me at